Chronology of the Forgotten Realms
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c. -25400 DR
h  Fleeing the destruction of the island kingdom of Tintageer on their home world of Faerie, a small circle of gold elves led by the young prince Durothil, cast a true Seeking and gate to Toril. The refugees name their new home Faern, the One Land. Integrating into the native wood elf communities, the descendants of the gold elves of Tintageer become known as sun elves, while the descendants of the sole silver elf refugee, Sharlario Moonflower, become known as moon elves.
Novel: Evermeet: Island of Elves 
c. -24000 DR
h  The Sundering:  Hundreds of High Magi gathered in the heartland of Faern at the Gathering Place. Ignoring the lesson learned from the destruction of Tintageer centuries earlier, the High Magi cast a spell designed to create a glorious elven homeland. As the Day of Birthing dawned, the spell reached its apex. Faern, the one land, is sundered apart by the unbridled force of the spell. As a result, hundred of cities are washed away, thousands of elves lie dead, and the face of Abeir-Toril is changed forever. The name Faern, no longer the One Land, is given to largest continent. The Tree of Souls is given to the elves.
Novel: Evermeet: Island of Elves 
c. -23900 DR
 (c. -24932 NR )  The forest community of Sharlarion, survived the Sundering nearly complete. These fortunate elves increased their number and spread into the surrounding forest, hills, and lowlands. Soon the elvish kingdom of Aryvandaar (Present Day: High Forest) was established.[TSR1165] 
Novel: Evermeet: Island of Elves 
-20000 DR
  By this time, the elven realms of Eiellr, Orishaar, Syrpiir, and Thearnytaar are established in the forests around the Lake of Steam. To the south lies long-established Illythiir and to the north and west are Aryvandaar and Illefarn.[WTC11836] 
-17800 DR
  Establishment of the great elvish settlements of Keltormir (Present Day: Forest of Tethyr which spanned all of Tethyr, Amn, Erlkazar, and Calimshan) by moon and green elves, seeking peace and simple lives away from the strife of the other elven realms.[WTC11836] [TSR1165] [TSR9561] 
c. -17600 DR
  The echoes of the Sundering millennia past ripple forward through the mists of time. Surrounded by vast expanses of water the island of Evermeet, thought to be a piece of Arvandor and a bridge between worlds, breaks the surface of the Trackless Sea. Blessed by the goddess Angharradh, verdant forests and wildlife soon flourish across the island. Corellon Larethian wards Evermeet against Lloth, Malar, and the other powers of the anti-Seldarine.[177380000 p.51] 
Novel: Evermeet: Island of Elves 
-14000 DR
  Tribal barbarian clans of humans roam Keltormir.[WTC11836] 
-12000 DR
  The Crown Wars of the elves begin.[WTC11836] [TSR9561] 
-11700 DR
  Human clans settle in the clearings and meadows created by the dragon fires around Keltormir.[WTC11836] [TSR9561] 
-11200 DR
  The elf realms of Eiellr, Orishaar, Syrpiir, and Thearnytaar around the Lake of Steam are by this time all destroyed by Ilythiir. The Ilythiiri dark elves move on toward Keltormir.[WTC11836] [TSR9561] 
-11000 DR
  Taark Shanat the Crusader, and his eight sons, lead a great exodus of dwarves out of Bhaerynden to a new kingdom in the west. These emigrants eventually become known as shield dwarves and establish the great empire of Shanatar beneat the lands of Amn, Tethyr, Calimshan, and the Lake of Steam.[177380000 p.113] [885780000 p.8, 11] [WTC11836] [TSR9561] [TSR9589] [TSR1165] 
c. -10500 DR
 (c. -11532 NR )  The Dark Disaster:  Miyeritar is engulphed in killing storms, which reduce this entire forest and realm into barren wastelands in three months. While no proof could ever be found, many believe the High Mages of Aryvandaar inflicted the Dark Disaster on Miyeritar.[WTC11836] [TSR1165] 
c. -10450 DR
 The Fourth Crown War:  Ilythiir's seething counter-attack to avenge Miyeritar sees their open use of the corrupt powers of Ghaunadar and other dark, evil gods for the first time.[WTC11836] [TSR1165] 
-10270 DR
 The Stone and Claw Campaigns:  The withdrawal of Keltormir's forces to close and defend its own borders pitted the forces of Aryvandaar and Ilythiir against each other. They soon closed ranks and fought incessantly for two centuries. Battles raged across the giant-infested mountains and wemic-claimed plains north of Keltormir.[WTC11836] [TSR1165] 
-10000 DR
 Descent of the Drow:  Corellon's magic, as directed through his priests and High Mages, transforms the dark elves, whether the corrupt Ilythiiri or others, into the drow. Whether by magic or by the weaknesses that banish them from the sunlit lans, all drow retreat within two month's passing into the Underdark.[WTC11836] [TSR1165] [TSR9561] 
-9600 DR
  Guallidurth, ancient city of the drow, is founded. Rise of the first drow civilization in the Underdark.[177380000 p.113] [WTC11836] [TSR11509] 
c. -9000 DR
 (c. -10032 NR )  The Fifth Crown War ends with the utter defeat of the Vyshaan and the dissolution of Aryvandaar. Much of the High Forest is abandoned for an age, leaving the forest open so the gods might restore its peace.[177380000] [TSR1165] [WTC11836] 
c. -8600 DR
 (c. -9632 NR )  Evereska founded in secret by surviving clans of Eiellr, Miyeritar, and Orishaar as an elven haven in the woods east of Aryvandaar.[WTC11836] [TSR1165] 
-8500 DR
 Keltormir's Fall:  Due to fire-sundered and otherwise ravaged homelands, Keltormir dissolves into three separate forests: The Wyrmwood, Darthiir Wood (Present Day: Forest of Mir), and the Forest of Tethir.[WTC11836] [TSR1165] [TSR9561] 
-7800 DR
 The Great Arrival:  The noble djinni lord Calim arrives in Faern followed by the Djen, an entourage of genies and their human and halfling slaves. The djinni lord quickly seizes all the lands south and west of the Marching Mountains and founds the Calim Empire on the present-day site of Calimport.[177380000 p.114] [WTC11836] [TSR9589] [TSR9561] 
-7790 DR
 The Dragon Wars:  A flight of dragons destroys the city of Calimport. This initiates a century of war between Calim and the genies against the dragons. By its end, every dragon in the Marching Mountains dies at the hands and magics of the genies. The genies' magic rebuilds Calimport within a year of its initial destruction.[177380000 p.114] [WTC11836] [TSR9589] [TSR9561] 
-7690 DR
  Calim negotiates the borders of his empire with the elves and dwarves and finally claims the lands south of the River Agis and east to the western slopes of the present-day Alimir Mountains. Calim continues warring with the giants and dragons of the Marching Mountains.[177380000 p.114] [WTC11836] [TSR9561] 
-6800 DR
  An efreeti named Memnon arrives in Faern ahead of the Army of Fire and founds the country of Memnonnar north of the River Agis.[177380000 p.114] [WTC11836] [TSR9589] [TSR9561] 
-6500 DR to -6100 DR
 Era of SkyFire:  Memnon and Calim bring their forces to bear one against the other in twenty-two cataclysmic battles over the next four centuries. The high magic of the elves forcibly disembodies Calim and Memnon and binds their elemental essences to the sky and earth, respectively. The ongoing struggles of the two noble genies create the Calim Desert.[177380000 p.114] [WTC11836] [TSR9589] [TSR9561] 
-6060 DR
  Humans and dwarves oust the last genies of Calim's realm. Calimport and Keltar are rebuilt and the surrounding lands become the human nation of Coramshan. The alliance between the humans and dwarves quickly founders however, because the rulers of Coramshan soon turn to the worship of evil gods.[177380000 p.114] [WTC11836] [TSR9561] 
-5960 DR
 Third Age of Shanatar:  The dwarves of Shanatar claim the surface lands north of the Marching Mountains as their own, establishing the kingdom of High Shanatar.[177380000 p.114] [885780000 p.18] [WTC11836] [TSR1159a p.21] [TSR9589] [TSR9561] 
-5800 DR
  The nation of Jhaamdath is born when human settlements north of the Chondalwood unit under the Dath Dynasty and its greatest psionic warrior, Jhaam. Jhaamdath eventually meets Coramshan near the Lake of Steam, and the two empires struggle for centuries over control of this area.[177380000 p.114] [WTC11836] [TSR9561] 
-5005 DR
  Coramshan and Jhaamdath declare a truce, and both nations abandon their claims to the Lake of Steam.[177380000 p.114] [WTC11836] [TSR9561] 
-5005 DR
  Coramshan and Mir unite under the Bakkal and Murabir Ukhar IV to form the Calimshan Empire, which claims all lands south of the Wurlur (present-day River Ith) and west of the Iltkazar Mountains.[177380000 p.114] [TSR9589] 
c. -4700 DR
 (c. -5732 NR )  Nobles of Sharrven who seek to restrict the ambitious Siluvanedenn found the kingdom of Eaerlann among the ruins of Aryvandaar.[177380000] [WTC11836] [TSR1165] 
-4400 DR
 The Dark Court Slaughter:  Drow and duergar attack and destroy Elven Court and Sarphil beginning at the start of the year on Midwinter Night. Within days, Elven Court is in ruins and Sarphil is occupied by the drow and duergar. The Dark Court Slaughter claims the lives of many clan leaders of Elven Court and both the Coronals of Rystall Wood and Jhyrennstar.[WTC11836] [TSR1165] 
-3900 DR
 (-4932 NR )  The dwarven realm of Delzoun, known as the Northkingdom, is established beneath what is now known as the Silver Marches.[885780000 p.18] [WTC11836] 
-3859 DR
 (0 NY )  Citizens of the Narrow Sea fishing villages of Fenwick, Gers, Gilan, Gustaf, Moran, Nauseef, and Janick combine for mutual protection, forming the Alliance of Seventon. The Netheril Year (NY) calendar is created to celebrate the union.[177380000] [WTC11836] [TSR1147 p.5] 
-3830 DR
 (29 NY )  The Eaerlanni elves initiate a formal dialogue with humans of Netheril and begin instructing promising Netherese students in the Art. Netheril's first arcanist is Therion of Gers.[177380000] [WTC11836] [TSR1165] 
-3655 DR
 (204 NY )  Orcs pour forth from the Spine of the World, but the elves of Illefarn and Eaerlann turn them back with help from the fledgling Netherese Empire and the Rengarth barbarians. The tribal lands of the Rengarth are absorbed into Netheril, although the barbarians remain largely autonomous.[177380000 p.97] [WTC11836] 
Errata:  This event was mistakenly dated -3605 in WTC11836, Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting p.268
-3533 DR
 (326 NY )  The nether scrolls are discovered amid the ruins of Aryvandaar. The Netherese abandon the magic they learned from the Eaerlanni in favor of the scrolls' greater power.[177380000] [WTC11836] [TSR1165] 
c. -3520 DR
 (c. -4552 NR )  Elves of the North begin aiding in the escapes of gnomish slaves from their Netherese captors, helping them move south and east across the Realms.[WTC11836] [TSR1165] 
-3419 DR
 (-4451 NR )  The Netherese approach the dwarves of Delzoun at Ascore to conduct trade. After three years of deliberation, they set up a trade route known as the Lowroad through the safest and most heavily patrolled sections of the Underdark.[177380000] [WTC11836] 
-3095 DR
  One set of the Nether Scrolls is stolen by elves of Cormanthyr and secreted away by the High Mages of that realm.[WTC11836] [TSR1165] 
c. -3000 DR
 (c. -4032 NR )  Hunting clans and fishing villages on the Sword Coast North unite under a single leader, displacing the local Ice Hunter tribes. These humans of Ruathym call their new community Illusk.[177380000] [WTC11836] 
-2954 DR
 (905 NY )  Ioulaum creates the enclave of Xinlenal, Netheril's first floating city. The empire splits into Low and High Netheril.[177380000] [WTC11836] 
Errata:  TSR1147 The Winds of Netheril p.77 lists 866 NY or -2993 DR as the date of this enclave's founding
-2637 DR
  The avatar of Ubtao, the Father of Dinosaurs, founds the great city of Mezro.[965660000] [WTC11836] [TSR1085a] 
c. -2600 DR
  The last known dwarves of High Shanatar fall on the northern slopes of the Sulduskoon River in battle against the Tavihr Dynasty of Calimshan. The dwarves seal the last known surface entrance to Deep Shanatar.[177380000 p.115] [885780000 p.18] [TSR9561] [TSR1159a p.22] [WTC11836] 
-2550 DR
  Ulutiu, a minor sea deity, exiles himself to the Astral Plane. His ice necklace sinks, creating the Great Glacier.[WTC11836] 
-2488 DR
  Empire of the Imaskari (Artificers) in Raurin is destroyed.[WTC11836] [TSR1085a] 
-2381 DR
  Beholders plague Jhaamdathan and Calishite colonies around the Alimir Mountains.[177380000 p.115] [WTC11836] 
-2381 DR
  The bakkal is assassinated and the Tavihr dynasty of Calimshan ends. The Erehnir Dynasty comes to power.[WTC11836] [TSR9561 p.40] 
-2135 DR
  The god Re found the city of Skuld and gives it the name "City of Shadows", which soon becomes the capital of a new nation called Mulhorand.[177380000] [WTC11836] [TSR1085a] [TSR9274] 
-2103 DR
 (-3135 NR )  A horde of orcs from the Spine of the World, led by giants and their ogre generals, crushes the human civilization of Illusk despite aid from Netherese arcanists.[177380000] [885780000 p.92] [WTC11836] 
-2087 DR
  The god Enlil finds pearls on the west coast of the Alamber. He builds Unthalass the City of Gems, which becomes the capital of a new nation called Unther.[177380000] [WTC11836] [TSR1085a] [TSR9274] 
-1967 DR
  Unther and Mulhorand clash at the River of Swords beginning the First Mulhorand-Unther War. Rashemi, Raumviran, Sossrim, and Nar tribesfolk are employed as mercenaries by both sides.[177380000] [176650000] [WTC11836] [TSR1085a] [TSR9274] 
-1961 DR
  The god kings of Mulhorand and Unther agree on a common border--the River of Swords.[177380000] [WTC11836] [TSR1085a] [TSR9274] 
-1900 DR
  The Caltazar Hills come under regular attack from the beholder nations around and beneath the Lake of Steam.[WTC11836] 
-1838 DR
  The great red wyrm, Ylveraasahlisar the Rose Dragon, conquers and rules Calimshan.[177380000 p.115] [WTC11836] [TSR9561] 
-1726 DR
  Ylveraasahlisar the Rose Dragon is slain by the Cajaan noble family. The Cajaans feud amongst themselves over the next eighteen years, continually fighting and scheming for the throne of Calimshan.[177380000 p.115] [WTC11836] [TSR9561 p.40] 
-1700 DR
  Calishite nobles begin hunting elves in the northern forests for sport.[177380000 p.115] [WTC11836] [TSR9561] 
-1570 DR
  Zazesspur, a simple fishing town, becomes a fortified city and center of the Emir of Tethyr's rule.[WTC11836] 
-1428 DR
  Calimport falls with the death of Syl-Pasha Violir Cajaan IX, and beholders rule the ruined city of Calimport and its vassal empire. Qyraaptir the Bloodeye, a beholder-mage of frightening power, claims the Pasha's Throne. Beholders now rule all major settlements throughout Calimshan, Iltkazar and the Lake of Steam.[177380000 p.115] [WTC11836] [TSR9589] 
-1402 DR
  Qyraaptir the Bloodeye and his beholder forces fall or flee before the Drakhon priests and their allied human soldiers. Calimport is the first city freed of beholder domination, and Calimshan is free of beholder rulers within three years, thanks to the rule of the Drakhon pashas. The beholders retreat to their strongholds beneath the Alimir Mountains or along the Lake of Steam.[177380000 p.115] [WTC11836] [TSR9589] 
-1400 DR
  The attacks on the Caltazar Hills by the beholder nations of the Lake of Steam end.[WTC11836] 
-1088 DR
 (-2120 NR )  First record of trading at the future site of Waterdeep.[WTC11836] [TSR1085a] 
-1087 DR
  The Thurgist Adept (wizard) Thayd leads a rebellion of mages against Mulhorand and Unther, seizing the northern provinces of both empires as his own territory.[176650000] [WTC11836] [TSR9274] 
-1081 DR
  Thayd and his conspirators are defeated. He is executed but prophesies that Mulhorand and Unther will decline.[177380000] [176650000] [WTC11836] [TSR9274] 
-1076 DR to -1069 DR
 The Orcgate Wars:  The Orcgate opens in the southern portion of the Plateau of Thay. Renegade Mulhorandi wizards employ Imaskari portal magic to open planar gates to an orc world. Hundreds of thousands of orcs inundate the northern territories of both Mulhorand and Unther. Mulhorand hires Nar, Raumathari, Rashemi, and Sossrim mercenaries to fight the orc invaders.[177380000] [176650000] [WTC11836] [TSR1085a] [TSR9274] 
-1071 DR
  The orc god Gruumsh kills the Mulhorandi deity Ra in the first known deicide.[177380000] [WTC11836] [TSR1085a] [TSR9274] 
-1069 DR
  The Orcgate is destroyed, and the invading orcs and their deities are defeated in the Priador.[177380000] [176650000] [WTC11836] [TSR1085a] [TSR9274] 
c. -900 DR
  Rise of Narfell and Raumathar.[WTC11836] [TSR1085a] [TSR9274] 
-790 DR to -530 DR
 The Night Wars:  Drow raiders attack Calimshan and other surface powers of southern Faern.[177380000 p.115] [WTC11836] [TSR9589] [TSR9561] 
-734 DR
  Enlil decides to leave the Realms. His son Gilgeam becomes god-king of Unther. The First Untheric Empire comes to an end.[177380000] [TSR1085a] [TSR9274] 
c. -700 DR
  Rise of the Vastar, kingdom of orcs.[TSR1085a] 
-680 DR  (Year of Creeping Thieves)
  Calimshan begins to colonize the Lake of Steam.[177380000 p.115] [WTC11836] [TSR9561] 
-553 DR  (Year of Plentiful Wine)
  The Shadow Plane discovered by Netherese wizards.[WTC11836] 
-530 DR  (Year of Meager Means)
  The Night Wars draw to a close, and the drow never again gain more than a remote toehold in the surface lands. In all, more than 75,000 humans and other beings are captured and enslaved by the drow during these conflicts. More than 150,000 others die fighting the dark elves, though nearly as many drow and duergar die during the wars as well.[WTC11836] [TSR9589] [TSR9561] 
-461 DR  (Year of Bold Pioneers)
 (3398 NY )  The phaerimm begin casting the spells that eventually lead to the creation of the Anauroch Desert and abandonment of Low Netheril.[177380000] [965660000 p.111] [WTC11836] 
-425 DR  (Year of Ancestral Voices)
 (-1457 NR )  Netherese refugees refound Illusk and establish a magocracy of arcanists called the Grand Cabal to govern it.[177380000] [WTC11836] 
c. -400 DR
  Augathra the Mad travels the world.[TSR1085a] 
-395 DR  (Year of Ashen Faces)
 (-1427 NR )  Queen Laranla Fildaerae the Night Flame, ruler of Ardeep, is slain in orc raids. Her grandniece Imdalace succeeds her.[177380000] 
-387 DR  (Year of Shattered Walls)
  Calishite-controlled Zazesspur is sacked in a surprise attack by Tethyrian barbarians. Two of the pasha's sons are slain and ten years of massive retaliations by the Calishites begin. The First Age of Tethyr begins. Zazessovertan falls to the united Tethyrian clan armies and is looted shortly before Zazesspur is sacked and burned.[177380000 p.115] [WTC11836] [TSR9561] 
-354 DR  (Year of Many Maws)
  The first recorded clash between sharn and phaerimm occurs.[WTC11836] 
-354 DR  (Year of Many Maws)
 (3505 NY )  The arcanist Melathlar flees Netheril and travels to Illusk. Fearing phaerimm assaults, he sacrifices his life to power a mighty work of the Art that raises the great stone Host Tower, walls, and powerful spellwards around this fledling settlement.[177380000] 
-351 DR  (Year of Dark Roads)
 (3508 NY )  As the life-draining spells of the phaerimm rapidly despoil central Nethril, several Netherese arcanists abandon their demesnes and begin searching for a place to build a city in the Underdark, beneath the western wilderness.[177380000] [WTC11836] 
-349 DR  (Year of Bold Poachers)
 (3510 NY )  The Netherese wizard Saldrinar destroys Kisonraathiisar, the topaz dragon ruler of Westgate, and becomes the city's first human king.[177380000] [WTC11836] 
-339 DR  (Year of Sundered Webs)
 (3520 NY )  Fall of Netheril:  Karsus casts Karsus's avatar the only 12th-level spell known to exist. Karsus momentarily steals the powers of the goddess Mystryl but is unable to control the influx of power. The Weave fails and Netheril's floating cities plummet to the ground across Faern.[177380000] [WTC11836] 
-288 DR  (Year of Eight Lightnings)
  Calimshan accedes independence to Tethyr and its people.[177380000 p.115] [WTC11836] [TSR9589] [TSR9561] 
-286 DR  (Year of Foul Awakenings)
  Westgate falls during the course of a single night to a small army of elite mercentaries led by the vampire Orlak.[WTC11836] 
-255 DR  (Year of Furious Waves)
 Fall of Jhaamdath:  The Twelve Cities of the Sword are smashed by a gargantuan tsunami raised by the elven High Mages of Nikerymath (present day Chondalwood). This event reshaped the coastline into the contours of the Vilhon Reach known in present day.[177380000 p.115] [965660000 p.94] [WTC11836] [TSR9589] [TSR9561] 
-212 DR  (Year of High Thrones)
 Battle of the Purple Marches:  Myratma falls once again to Tethyrian barbarian clans. Darrom Ithal is crowned the King of Tethyr.[177380000 p.115] [WTC11836] [TSR9589] [TSR9561] 
c. -200 DR
  Candlekeep founded; Calendar of Harptos begun.[WTC11836] [TSR1085a] 
c. -200 DR
  The humans who are to become the first of the Dalefolk cross the Dragon Reach to the southern region of Cormanthor.[WTC11836] [TSR1085a] 
-160 DR to -150 DR
 The Great Conflagration:  Narfell and Raumathar begin their final war--a decade-long cataclysm that involves the summoning of demon lords and an avatar of Kossuth. At its conclusion, both Narfell and Raumathar lie in ruins.[177380000] [176650000] [WTC11836] [TSR9274] [TSR9235] 
-153 DR  (Year of the Starry Shroud)
  Proeskampalar, later renamed Procampur, is founded by dwarves and quickly becomes an important trading partner of Westgate.[WTC11836] 
-137 DR  (Year of Blooded Sunsets)
  The Eshowe release the The Shadow Giant, a monstrous and ancient evil, and unleash it upon the city of Mezro. Though Mezro lay in ruins, the Tabaxi ultimately repel the lurking gloom. The Shadow Giant then turns on the Eshowe, nearly wiping them out in a genocidal rampage. The Tabaxi named the dark spirit, Eshowdow, or "Shadow of the Eshowe".[TSR1085a] [TSR9563 p.81] [TSR9389 p.3] 
-133 DR  (Year of Silent Screams)
  Great sea storms erupt along the Sword Coast. A tidal wave envelops the city of Velen in Tethyr, decimating its population.[WTC11836] 
-111 DR  (Year of Terrible Anger)
 (-1143 NR )  The Orc Marches:  Orc hordes from the Spine of the World and the Ice Mountains ravage Illusk and Gauntlgrym in a series of attacks known as the Orc Marches.[177380000] [WTC11836] 
-100 DR  (Year of the Black Unicorn)
 (-1132 NR )  The dwarven realm of Delzoun, the Northkingdom, falls to encroaching phaerimm and other dangers. The dwarves' surface citadels survive the attack and remain in dwarf hands.[177380000] [885780000 p.18] [885670000 p.5] [WTC11836] [TSR1165 p.36] 
-75 DR  (Year of Leather Shields)
  Witches of Rashemen choose the first Iron Lord of that nation[WTC11836] 
-68 DR to -65 DR
 The Hin Ghostwars:  In response to the evil acts of Desva and the ghostwise halflings, The Strongheart and Lightfoot Tribes unite against the Ghostwise Tribe and begin exterminating its members. Almost all ghostwise hin are either slain or driven out of the Lluirwood.[179290000] [WTC11836] 
-33 DR  (Year of Slowing Sands)
 Fall of Asram:  Asram falls victim to a plague sent by Talona, from which there are no survivors.[177380000] [WTC11836] [TSR1147 p.117] 
Errata:  TSR1147 p.117 incorrectly lists 306 DR as the date of the plague.
1 DR  (Year of Sunrise)
  The Standing Stone is raised by the elves of Cormanthyr and the Dalefolk.[WTC11836] [TSR1165] [TSR1085a] 
1 DR  (Year of Sunrise)
  Dalereckoning calendar begins.
10 DR  (Year of Dreams)
  The Netheril region becomes known as the Great Desert of Anauroch.[177380000] [WTC11836] 
20 DR  (Year of the Fallen Fury)
  The human Calendar of Harptos adopts the elven holiday of Cinnaelos'Cor ("The Day of Corellon's Peace") and renames it Shieldmeet, celebrating it every four years since.[WTC11836] [TSR1085a] [TSR1165] 
25 DR  (Year of Many Runes)
  Church of Deneir founded.[WTC11836] [TSR1085a] 
26 DR  (Year of Opening Doors)
 (1 CR )  Cormyr founded by Obarskyr family.[WTC11836] [TSR1085a] [TSR9531 p.75] 
Novel: Cormyr: A Novel 
27 DR  (Year of Shadowed Blades)
 Age of Shoon, Sixth Age of Calimshan:  King Amahl III succeeds his great-great-grandfather as ruler of Calimshan and Tethyr. After establishing another puppet regime on Tethyr's throne, Amahl III crowns himself Qysar ("emperor") Amahl Shoon III of the Shoon Imperium.[177380000 p.115] [WTC11836] [TSR9589] 
37 DR  (Year of Dark Venom)
  Five tidal waves strike Calimshan, destroying between a third and two-thirds of each of the five port cities of the nation.[WTC11836] 
52 DR  (Year of the Thundering Horde)
 (-980 NR )  Illuskans begin farming the plateau above Deepwater Harbor, and for two and a half centuries their rule of the area is uncontested.[881620000 p.7] [TSR1142a p.8] [TSR1085a] 
Errata:  WTC11836 p.269 mistakenly dates this event at -52 DR.
75 DR  (Year of Clinging Death)
  Plague racks the civilized lands (Calimshan, Lake of Steam, Vilhon Reach).[WTC11836] [TSR1085a] 
75 DR  (Year of Clinging Death)
  Alaundo the Seer arrives in Candlekeep.[WTC11836] 
111 DR  (Year of Fallen Guards)
 Fall of Anauria:  Led by orc shaman Andegril the Wise, an orc horde attacks and conquers Anauria. Within decades the orcs must flee after the desert consumes their newly conquered lands.[177380000] [WTC11836] [TSR1085a] [TSR1147 p.16] 
Errata:  TSR1085a: Running the Realms is incorrect. It marks this date as c. 200 and lists Anauria as being destroyed by goblins.
Errata:  TSR1147 p.116 incorrectly lists 450 DR as the date Anauria is destroyed by the orc horde.
112 DR  (Year of the Tusk)
  Cormyrean cartographers create the first recognized map of Cormyr, Cormanthor, and the Dalelands.[WTC11836] [TSR1165] [TSR1085a] 
163 DR  (Year of the Screeching Vole)
 (138 CR )  The Ring of Winter is last reported used on Faern in this year, when a village and a Cormyrean lord's estates are destroyed in massive icestorm during high summer[TSR1085a] 
168 DR  (Year of Scattered Stars)
 (-864 NR )  A wizard of unknown ancestry calling himself Halaster Blackcloak builds a tower and fortified ramparts in the middle of the Deepwater Plateau, to the north and west of the burgeoning farms along the Harbor shore.[881620000 p. 7] [WTC11836] 
168 DR  (Year of Scattered Stars)
 (-864 NR )  Halaster Blackcloak explores the Underhalls of the Melairkyn and claims the delvings for himself.[881620000 p. 7] [WTC11836] [TSR11348 p.6] 
171 DR  (Year of Unkind Weapons)
  The elves of Cormanthyr complete a two-year long siege and running battle to destroy the sole surviving temple of Moander in the northern forest (at the site of modern Ylash). The elves raze the temple after slaying all of Moander's priests. The Coronal and sixteen of Cormanthyr's High Mages cast the binding High Magic that banishes the Jawed God from the Realms until it is freed by a nonborn child. From this time forward, Moander remains a lurking evil trapped beneath the ruins of his final temple.[WTC11836] [TSR1165] 
202 DR  (Year of the Fanged Gauntlet)
  Southern barbarians, the Arkaiuns from Eltabranar, invade Mulhorand and Unther and continue to raid cities and towns in both realms for the next two years.[177380000] [TSR1085a] [TSR9274] 
241 DR  (Year of the Hippogriff's Folly)
  In late autumn, the former and sole-surviving Prince of Athalantar Elminster Aumar enters the city of Cormanthor both to serve Mystra's will and return the kiira of House Alastrarra.[WTC11836] [TSR1165] 
244 DR  (Year of the Elfsands)
 (-788 NR )  Evereska's existance is discovered by nonelves, though the secret is kept for centuries by the human tribes of the Greycloak Hills.[WTC11836] [TSR1165] 
253 DR  (Year of Somber Smiles)
  The panther Guenhwyvar is transformed into the unique figurine of wondrous power by Anders Beltgarden, a human wizard settler of Cormanthyr. The figurine is granted to the young bladesinger Josidiah Starym.[TSR1165] 
261 DR  (Year of Soaring Stars)
  The elven city at the heart of Cormanthor becomes the unified city of Myth Drannor with the raising of a mythal.[WTC11836] [TSR1165] [TSR1085a] 
273 DR  (Year of the Delighted Dwarves)
 (-759 NR )  Three dwarf clans from Ammarindar and Citadel Felbarr migrate together to Myth Drannor.[177380000] [WTC11836] 
284 DR  (Year of Fallen Flagons)
  A great halfling migration hundreds strong arrives at Myth Drannor from Meiritin and Tethyr via the first open portals set up to bring folk to the city.[WTC11836] [TSR1165] 
324 DR  (Year of Freedom's Friends)
  The Harpers at Twilight are formed in secret deep in Elven Court woods by Dathlue Mistwinter, the Lady Steel, whose family crest (a silver harp between the horns of a crescent moon, encircled by stars on a black field) becomes the badge of the Harpers. Among the early members were elf, human, and half-elf warriors, rangers, druids, thieves, and mages (including Ruehar Oakstaff, Ioelena Audark, Lyari Pholont "the Shadesilk," and Elminster).[WTC11836] [TSR1165] 
329 DR  (Year of the Closed Scroll)
 Fall of Hlondath:  Hlondath is abandoned when the encroachment of Anauroch begins to destroy its fields. Its inhabitants migrate east to the Moonsea and south into the Dalelands.[177380000 p.99] [WTC11836] 
348 DR  (Year of the Dagger)
  Northkeep, the first truly civilized human settlement on the Dragons' Sea, is founded.[TSR1085a] [TSR9474 p.3] 
376 DR  (Year of the Leaping Hare)
 (-656 NR )  Ashar Tornamn of Valashar extends the borders of the Shoon Imperium to the High Moor.[WTC11836] 
376 DR  (Year of the Leaping Hare)
 (351 CR )  The Shoon Imperium extends Calimshan's borders to the High Moor. The army of Crown Prince Azoun I of Cormyr drives Shoon forces back through Amn, Tethyr, and Valashar before sacking Ithmong and returning home.[177380000 p.115] [WTC11836] [TSR9561 p.44] [TSR1159a p.30] 
Errata:  TSR1159a p.30 incorrectly dates this event at 336 DR.
Errata:  TSR9561 p.44 incorrectly lists Azoun I as King, instead of Crown Prince.
379 DR  (Year of Seven Stars)
  A septet of notable mages of the realm form an alliance and build the first school of wizardry open to all the races of Myth Drannor whose teachers were not exclusively elves. This group soon becomes known outside of the city as the Seven Wizards of Myth Drannor.[WTC11836] [TSR1165] 
384 DR  (Year of Dreaming Dragons)
 (-648 NR )  Silverymoon Ford, a lowly wood and rope bridge, is built across the River Rauvin.[WTC11836] 
400 DR  (Year of the Blue Shield)
  Evil, inhuman forces known collectively as the Dark Alliance, sweep out of Thar and destroy Northkeep. After a dark ritual is performed by over 40,000 humanoid priests, mages, and shamans, the city of Northkeep sinks beneath the purple waves of the Dragons' Sea. The neighboring settlement of Phlan is also sacked be the inhuman army.[TSR1085a] [TSR9474 p.3] 
449 DR  (Year of Killing Ice)
  Silvyr Ithal marches to Ithmong and takes the crown as the rightful King of Tethyr, sparking rebellion in Tethyr and Amn. Silvyr is killed in combat by Amahl Shoon VII.[WTC11836] 
450 DR  (Year of the Corrie Fist)
  Prince Strohm of Tethyr avenges his father by slaying Amahl Shoon VII, marking the fall of the Shoon Imperium and ending the Age of Shoon.[177380000 p.115] [WTC11836] [TSR1085a] [TSR9589] 
480 DR  (Year of the Winter Sphinx)
  Lyonarth, a white-furred androphinx, claims the crown of Westgate.[WTC11836] 
482 DR  (Year of the Blighted Vine)
  The northern cities of Delthuntle and Laothkund declare independence from Unther.[177380000] [176650000] [WTC11836] [TSR9274] [TSR9235] 
523 DR  (Year of Trials Arcane)
 (-509 NR )  Realm of Three Crowns:  The rising power of orc hordes in the North leads to the Council of Axe and Arrow. There, the humans of Delimbiyran, the dwarves of Dardath, the elves of Ardeep Forest, the gnomes of Dolblunde, and displaced halflings from Mieritin collectively found the Tri-Crowned Kingdom of Phalorm. The aging Ulbaerag rejects an invitation to join the Realm of Three Crowns.[881620000 p.8] [177380000] [885670000 p.6] [WTC11836] 
574 DR  (Year of the Gored Griffon)
 (-458 NR )  Silverymoon rises to become a small trading post town.[WTC11836] 
615 DR  (Year of the Lamia's Kiss)
 (-417 NR )  In response to Uthtower's call for aid, the lich Iniarv floods the land, drowning the armies of Uthtower, Phalorm, and the orcs to form the Mere of Dead Men. The orcs flee into the Sword Mountains, and Phalorm (The Fallen Kingdom as it came to be known) collapses when its Fair Folk abandon Faern for Evermeet. Ardeep remains an elven realm in name only.[881620000 p.8] [177380000] [885670000 p.6] [WTC11836] 
615 DR  (Year of the Lamia's Kiss)
  The Winter Sphinx of Westgate falls prey to the charms of the lamia Nessmara, who has assumed the guise of a gynosphinx, and they rule in tandem.[WTC11836] 
616 DR  (Year of the Ensorceled King)
  A visiting wizard shatters the illusions guarding Westgate's lamia queen, and she and the androsphynx battle to the death.[WTC11836] 
627 DR  (Year of the Bloodcrystals)
 (-405 NR )  Ecamane Truesilver and his nine apprentices arrive in Silverymoon. Claiming five goddesses (Eldath, Mielikki, Lurue, Mystra, and Sehanine) drew them here, the mages create a school of magic patterned on elven teachings.[WTC11836] [TSR1165] 
640 DR  (Year of the Fanged Beast)
  First mining and trading encampments established at what will become Zhentil Keep.[WTC11836] [TSR1120] [TSR1085a] 
659 DR  (Year of the Hunting Ghosts)
 (-373 NR )  Known as the Year of Mage's Dawning in Silverymoon, 30 wizards from Myth Drannor and 20 wizards from elsewhere in the Realms migrate to the Gem of the North, and begin establishing its role as a sister city to Myth Drannor and a center of magical and mundane learning.[WTC11836] [TSR9558] 
661 DR  (Year of the Bloody Tusk)
  Height of Myth Drannor's peace and prosperity.[TSR1085a] [TSR9558] 
668 DR  (Year of the Telling Tome)
  Wizards begin mysteriously disappearing this year from Myth Drannor and all of Cormanthyr. The only clue is that all the visible gates throughout the city crackle ominously and flash blue lightning within their boundaries. (In truth, Halaster Blackcloak of Undermountain is abducting wizards at random and banishing them to the Underhalls.)[WTC11836] [TSR9558] 
679 DR  (Year of the Scarlet Sash)
  Hillsafar is nearly destroyed by an army of deepspawn-bred monsters emerging from the tangled, treacherous Beast Marches to the west. The Akh'Velahr reinforcements of Cormanthyr succeed in dispersing the beasts by the first snowfall of winter. A small garrison of troops remains stationed in Hillsafar for the protection of the northern forests and villages until Myth Drannor's Fall.[176650000] [WTC11836] [TSR1085a] [TSR9558] 
679 DR  (Year of the Scarlet Sash)
  Uther recognizes the League of Samathar. Unther never recovers from the long, costly campaign to retain the Wizards' Reach, and the Second Untheric Empire ends.[177380000] [176650000] [WTC11836] [TSR1085a] [TSR9274] 
694 DR  (Year of the Ominous Oracle)
 (-338 NR )  The Circle of Flames and the wizards of Windsong Tower begin spiriting magical items and tomes (including the Scrolls Ardentym and the Keryfaertel) to safety. Many end up in Ascalhorn and Silverymoon in the trusted hands of colleagues there (in the cases of wizards not moving there themselves), though some wizards take off with their secrets for parts unknown over the next twelve years.[WTC11836] [TSR9558] 
708 DR  (Year of Bound Evils)
  Three nycaloths escape their dimensional pocket prison that floated invisibly high above Cormanthyr. Their freedom depended on a "red dragon that never held malice or greed in its heart [flying] over the Coronal's throne." As Saeval Ammath and his adopted dragon-mount Garnet flew above Myth Drannor, they weakened the dimensional prison enough for the nycaloths to escape.[WTC11836] [TSR9558] 
708 DR  (Year of Bound Evils)
  High Mages and three battalions of Akh'Faer mages battle a resurgence of evil beasts and cultists of the fallen god Moander near the site of his fallen temple. While the cult is dispersed, numerous "lost spells" of Moander's clergy are recovered from the ruins by the elder priests and restored to use.[WTC11836] [TSR9558] 
710 DR  (Year of the Toppled Throne)
 (685 CR )  Drow attacks in Cormyr claim the lives of three noble families of the realm; while believed dead, most of the nobles survive as slaves in the Underdark.[WTC11836] [TSR9558] 
710 DR  (Year of the Toppled Throne)
  A gate to the Abyss opens above the palace of Westgate, and a large host of tiefling warriors invades. The leader of the tieflings, Iyactu Xvim the Baneson, seizes the throne of Westgate.[WTC11836] 
711 DR  (Year of Despairing Elves)
  Late in the autumn of this year, the Army of Darkness overruns the mining and trading encampments on the western Moonsea (the site that will become Zhentil Keep).[WTC11836] [TSR9558] 
711 DR  (Year of Despairing Elves)
  The Weeping War begins on the Feast of the Moon with the Northern Massacres campaign as the Army of Darkness engages many elf patrols and destroys many elf villages and clan enclaves.[WTC11836] [TSR9558] 
712 DR  (Year of the Lost Lance)
  The Weeping War continues through the year, resulting in the deaths of many heroes and the collective Harpers at Twilight. There are four major campaigns this year, and Myth Drannor nearly falls prey to the Army of Darkness.[WTC11836] [TSR1085a] [TSR9558] 
713 DR  (Year of the Firedrake)
  The Weeping War rages on, though the allies manage to eliminate Malimshaer and Gaulguth, two of the three nycaloths leading the Army of Darkness. While three major campaigns rocked the forest for much of the year, there is a tense peace from Greengrass to Midsummer's Night. During this time, many Myth Drannan natives emigrate either to sister cities outside of Cormanthor or to Semberholme and Tangled Vale settlements.[WTC11836] [TSR9558] 
714 DR  (Year of Doom)
  Myth Drannor falls under siege by the Army of Darkness. Only two hundred elves and allies out of three thousand escape to tell of its passing.[WTC11836] [TSR1085a] 
720 DR  (Year of the Dawn Rose)
  The Gathering of the Gods at the Dancing Place signals the refounding of the Harpers at the request of some elves from Elven Court. In attendance are all 15 of the Harpers at Twilight who survived the previous decade, including Lady Alais Dree, Elminster Aumar, Khelben Arunsun (once the Nameless Chosen), and Meil "Darkhunter" Araeln.[WTC11836] [TSR1085a] [TSR9558] 
734 DR  (Year of the Splendid Stag)
  The reign of Iyactu Xvim comes to an abrupt end in Westgate as he is forced by a host of mercenaries to flee the city.[WTC11836] 
756 DR  (Year of the Leaning Post)
  Human fisherfolk, mostly from Chessenta and the Wizards' Reach, begin to settle Aglarond's northern coasts in numbers.[176650000] [WTC11836] [TSR1085a] [TSR9235] 
796 DR  (Year of the the Gray Mists)
  Merrydale becomes Daggerdale following vampiric infestation.[WTC11836] [TSR1085a] 
Novel: Vampire of the Mists 
800 DR  (Year of the Black Fist)
  Rise in the power of Bane in the Realms.[TSR1085a] 
800 DR  (Year of the Black Fist)
  Drow influence in the now-Ashaba valley at its height.[TSR1085a] 
834 DR  (Year of the Leaping Lion)
  Castle Greatstead (Grimstead) built on the borders of Shadowdale.[TSR1085a] 
863 DR  (Year of the Wondrous Sea)
  The Chultan city of Mezro disappears.[WTC11836] [TSR1085a] 
864 DR  (Year of the Broken Branch)
  Castle Grimstead destroyed by drow.[TSR1085a] 
864 DR  (Year of the Broken Branch)
  Rysellan the Dark founds the Twisted Rune. One of the Rune's earliest lairs lies deep beneath Calimport in what was once an ancient drow temple.[177380000 p.115] [WTC11836] [TSR9589] [TSR9561 p.181] 
882 DR  (Year of the Curse)
 (-150 NR )  Demons and devils battle in the elven citadel Ascalhorn, later known as Hellgate Keep.[177380000] [WTC11836] 
882 DR  (Year of the Curse)
 (-150 NR )  Triumphant demons stream forth from Ascalhorn, bringing about the fall of Eaerlann. Dwarves allow human refugees to settle in the surface strongholds of Citadel Sundbarr.[177380000] [WTC11836] 
882 DR  (Year of the Curse)
 (-150 NR )  A great human warrior known as Nimoar the Reaver gathers an armed host and leads them in search of a new home. They come upon Bloodhand Hold and decide to seize it for their own, quickly vanquishing the Bloodhand tribe. The settlement is named Nimoar's Hold.[881620000 p.8] [TSR1085a] 
882 DR  (Year of the Curse)
 (-150 NR )  The dwarven realm of Ammarindar is overrun by lingering horrors unleashed by the Netherese of Ascalhorn.[177380000] [885810000 p.126] [885780000 p.18] [TSR11509] 
884 DR  (Year of the Broken Branch)
  The elves destroy a large mercentary force in Sembia.[TSR1085a] 
896 DR  (Year of the Empty Hand)
  Extensive poverty and famine from here to 900 DR.[TSR1085a] 
900 DR  (Year of the Thirsty Sword)
 (-132 NR )  The Vault of Sages is built in Silverymoon.[WTC11836] 
900 DR  (Year of the Thirsty Sword)
  Civil war breaks out in Chondath.[177380000 p.115] [TSR9520 p.10] [WTC11836] 
902 DR  (Year of the Queen's Tears)
  The Cult of the Dragon creates the first dracoliches.[WTC11836] [TSR1085a] 
902 DR  (Year of the Queen's Tears)
 The Rotting War:  The bitter civil war in Chondath earns its title of The Rotting War. Necromantic magic decimates the battlefield on the Fields of Nun. Plague soon sweeps throughout the land. Chondath breaks up into a nation of loosely aligned city-states.[WTC11836] [TSR9520 p.11] [TSR1085a] 
906 DR  (Year of the Plough)
  Cormyte agents seize the Ashaba valley and name it Shadowdale.[WTC11836] [TSR1120] 
906 DR  (Year of the Plough)
  Drow driven from the Twisted Tower.[TSR1085a] 
913 DR  (Year of the Watching Raven)
  Sembia founded under the Raven banner.[WTC11836] [TSR1085a] 
922 DR  (Year of the Spouting Fish)
  The wizards of Thay rebel against Mulhorandi rule and sack the provincial capital at Delhumide. Red Wizards declare Thay independent of Mulhorand.[177380000] [176650000] [WTC11836] [TSR1121] [TSR1085a] 
922 DR  (Year of the Spouting Fish)
  End of the Second Mulhorand Empire.[WTC11836] 
929 DR  (Year of Flashing Eyes)
  Several Chessentan cities form an alliance under the leadership of the warlord Tchazzar and secede from Unther. The Alliance of Chessenta drives Unther back beyond the Riders to the Sky Mountains.[177380000] [176650000] [WTC11836] [TSR1085a] [TSR9274] 
932 DR  (Year of Fireslaughter)
 (-100 NR )  First Trollwar:  Gangs of trolls begin attacking Nimoar's Hold with increasing regularity. In response, the aging Nimoar led his forces northward against the Everlasting Ones in what became known as the First Trollwar, burning miles of land bare in the process.[881620000] [TSR1085a] 
934 DR  (Year of Fell Wizardry)
  First Thayan invasion of Rashemen. The Red Wizards attempt to invade Rashemen through the Gorge of Gauros but are repelled.[176650000] [WTC11836] [TSR1121 p.4] [TSR9235] [WTC11836] [TSR1085a] 
937 DR  (Year of the Turning Wheel)
  Thesk founded by the Alliance of the Cities of The Golden Way.[WTC11836] [TSR1085a] [TSR9235] 
940 DR to 952 DR
 (-92 NR to -80 NR )  Second Trollwar:  For a dozen years, the defenders of Waterdeep battle gangs of trolls throughout the Dessarin River valley. Beginning with Amphail the Just, who reigned for a year, six warriors claim the mantle of War Lord of Waterdeep during this period, only to fall in never-ending battle with the trolls.[881620000 p.9] [TSR1085a] 
940 DR  (Year of the Cold Claws)
  Ashaba, first Lord of Shadowdale, merges with river.[TSR1085a] 
974 DR  (Year of the Haunting Harpy)
 (-58 NR )  Castle Waterdeep is completed and Laroun, Waterdeep's first female War Lord, takes residence therein.[881620000 p.9] [WTC11836] [TSR1085a] 
975 DR  (Year of the Bent Coin)
  Telflamm established as a royal city-state. Telflamm annexes Nyth and Culmaster.[WTC11836] [[TSR1085a] [TSR9235] 
976 DR  (Year of Slaying Spells)
  A Mulhorandi invasion of Thay is repelled at the River Thazarim.[177380000] [176650000] [TSR1085a] [WTC11836] [TSR9274] 
992 DR  (Year of the Watching Helm)
  Heralds of Fearn created.[TSR1085a] 
Errata:  TSR9390 p.23 incorrectly lists this event as occuring in 996 DR
1001 DR  (Year of the Awakening)
  Many ruins discovered and old magic and undead released.[TSR1085a] 
1018 DR  (Year of the Dracorage)
  Rage of Dragons in Faern and the Heartlands.[TSR1085a] 
1018 DR  (Year of the Dracorage)
  Peleveran, south of Chessenta, destroyed in Rage of Dragons.[TSR1085a] 
1018 DR  (Year of the Dracorage)
  King Tchazzar of Chessenta dies in battle against sahuagin. His body is never found, so his people assume that he has ascended to godhood.[177380000] [176650000] [TSR9274] 
1018 DR  (Year of the Dracorage)
  Sapphiraktar the Blue joins in the massive flights of dragons ravaging the Realms. He emerges from his normal Calim desert habitat and destroys much of Calimport and Keltar in Kythom and Flamerule.[177380000 p.115] [WTC11836] [TSR9589] 
1019 DR  (Year of the Sure Quarrel)
  Assassin wars in the South; many satraps killed by crossbow-weilding thieves.[TSR1085a] 
1020 DR  (Year of Smoldering Spells)
  Thay develops much of its unique fire magic.[TSR1085a] 
1021 DR  (Year of the Howling Axe)
  Thay strikes against the Harpers. Harpers go underground.[WTC11836] [TSR1085a] 
1022 DR  (Year of the Wandering Wyvern)
  Refounding of the Harpers.[WTC11836] [TSR1085a] 
1030 DR  (Year of Warlords)
  Zulkirs established as rulers of Thay.[176650000] [WTC11836] [TSR1085a] [TSR9235] 
1030 DR  (Year of Warlords)
  Aencar becomes warlord of Battledale.[TSR1085a] 
1032 DR  (Year of the Nightmaidens)
 (0 NR )  Raurlor proclaims the Empire of the North, but Ahghairon defied him, transforming the Warlord's blade into a viper that poisoned its wielder; Raurlor dies at the mage's feet, and Ahghairon becomes the first "Lord" of Waterdeep. Ahghairon determines that henceforth wisdom and not armed might will rule in the city, and the The Lords of Waterdeep are formed.[881620000 p.10] [WTC11836] 
1038 DR  (Year of Spreading Spring)
  Aencar begins to unify the Dalelands, takes the title "Mantled King".[WTC11836] [TSR1085a] 
1038 DR  (Year of Spreading Spring)
  The Great Glacier retreats from the lands of Damara, Vaasa, and upper Narfell; many folk from Impiltur and Thesk migrate north to the newly uncovered lands.[DRAGON346 p.70] [176650000] [WTC11836] [TSR1085a] 
1044 DR  (Year of Singing Shards)
  Aencar the Mantled King dies. Dalelands split up into independent, though allied, communities.[TSR1085a] 
1065 DR  (Year of the Watching Wood)
  The half-elf Brindor is elected as the first king of Aglarond.[176650000] [WTC11836] [TSR1085a] 
1074 DR  (Year of the Tightening Fist)
  The zulkirs crush the last opposition to their rule over Thay.[176650000] [WTC11836] [TSR1121 p.4] [TSR1085a] [TSR9235] 
1090 DR  (Year of Slaughter)
 (58 NR )  Battle of the Bones:  A horde of 200,000 goblins and orcs arises from the High Moors due to extreme drought and attempt an invasion of the North. The Battle of the Bones marks the spot of the great battle that destroys the horde.[WTC11836] [TSR1085a] 
1090 DR  (Year of Slaughter)
  Followers of Malar mount the Great Hunt.[WTC11836] [TSR1085a] 
1095 DR  (Year of the Dawndance)
  The war-captain Imphras unites the major cities of the Easting Reach into the new nation of Impiltur.[176650000] [WTC11836] [TSR1085a] 
1097 DR  (Year of the Gleaming Crown)
  Imphras the Great is crowned king of refounded Impiltur and establishes the Heltharn dynasty.[DRAGON346 p.70] [882927200 p.88] [WTC11836] [TSR1085a] [TSR9235] 
1099 DR  (Year of the Restless)
  New trade routes forged. First modern contact with Kara-Tur and Zakhara.[WTC11836] [TSR1085a] 
1104 DR  (Year of the Dark Dawn)
  Szass Tam, future Zulkir of Thay, is born.[TSR1085a] [TSR9235] 
1110 DR  (Year of the Bloody Fields)
  As prophesied, many battles were fought this year.[TSR1085a] 
1116 DR  (Year of the Empty Scabbard)
  The Heralds break from the Harpers.[TSR1085a] 
1117 DR  (Year of the Twelverule)
  Chessenta begins to break up into rival city-states.[177380000] [176650000] [WTC11836] [TSR1085a] [TSR9274] [TSR9235] 
1150 DR  (Year of the Scourge)
 (118 NR )  A great plague sweeps the Sword Coast, coupled with increased attacks by troll and orc tribes. Worship of Talona and Loviatar soars.[881620000 p.10] [WTC11836] [TSR1085a] 
1150 DR  (Year of the Scourge)
 (118 NR )  Khelben "Blackstaff" Arunsun the Elder, arrives in Waterdeep and builds Arunsun (later Blackstaff) Tower.[881620000 p.10] [WTC11836] 
1161 DR  (Year of the Quiet Earth)
  Merith Strongbow, eldest of the Knights of Myth Drannor, is born.[TSR1085a] 
1164 DR  (Year of Long Shadows)
  The pirate Immurk the Invincible raids a merchant-ship of Procampur, capturing the coronation crown of Cormyr's new king, Palaghard I. This marks the rise of piracy in the Inner Sea. The nations of the Inner Sea begin building their own warships, seeking to defend their merchant fleets and hunt the pirates in their own lairs.[WTC11836] [TSR1085a] 
1164 DR  (Year of Long Shadows)
  The farming community of Voonlar is settled.[TSR1120] [TSR1085a] 
Errata:  [TSR9474 p.21] incorrectly dates this event at c.700 DR
1179 DR  (Year of the Stalking Satyr)
 (147 NR )  Malaugrym attack Arunsun Tower but are turned back by Khelben, Elminster, and an assortment of Waterdeep mages.[WTC11836] 
1180 DR  (Year of Sinking Sails)
  Sembia loses fleet in Pirate Isles.[WTC11836] [TSR1085a] 
1182 DR  (Year of the Tomb)
  The malaugrym are discovered in Faern.[WTC11836] [TSR1085a] 
1182 DR  (Year of the Tomb)
  Start of the Harpstar Wars.[WTC11836] [TSR1085a] 
1182 DR  (Year of the Tomb)
  Cities of Calimshan recognize the rule of the pasha of Calimport.[TSR1085a] 
1194 DR  (Year of the Bloody Wave)
 Battle of the Singing Sands:  Aglarond repels the first invasion of the Red Wizards of Thay.[176650000] [WTC11836] [TSR9235] [TSR1121] 
1197 DR  (Year of the Sundered Shield)
 Battle of Brokenheads:  The Thayans attack Aglarond again and are driven back.[176650000] 
1201 DR  (Year of Embers)
  Death of Immursk the Pirate.[TSR1085a] 
1209 DR  (Year of the Blazing Banners)
 The Battle of the Fallen:  The plundering of the Urdogen's pirates is curtailed after a massive confrontation outside the Dragonisle by the combined forces of Sembia, Impiltur, and Cormyr. Prince Lashilmbrar led the Impilturan forces in the attack.[882927200 p.89] [WTC11836] [TSR1085a] 
1222 DR  (Year of the Horn)
  The Harpstar Wars end with the destruction of the Harper King.[WTC11836] [TSR1085a] 
1230 DR  (Year of the Long Watch)
  Elf-maidens setting out for a pleasure outing are never seen again. This becomes the basis for the epic poem "The Long Watch".[TSR1085a] 
1232 DR  (Year of the Weeping Wives)
  Destruction of Sessrendale by Archendale.[WTC11836] [TSR1085a] 
1235 DR  (Year of the Black Horde)
 (203 NR )  The largest orc horde in history masses in the North and besieges countless settlements on its march south through Amn, Tethyr, and Calimshan.[177380000 p.116] [881620000 p.10] [177380000] [WTC11836] [TSR1085a] 
1237 DR  (Year of the Grotto)
  Aglarond and Thesk ally.[176650000] [TSR1085a] [TSR9235] 
1241 DR  (Year of the Lost Lady)
  A well-respected Tethyrian noblewoman is captured and slain by orcs. In her memory, orcs are wiped out throughout the South in a genocidal slaughter. Orcs call this the Year of Pushing Too Far.[WTC11836] [TSR1085a] 
1242 DR  (Year of the Yellow Rose)
  Monastery of the Yellow Rose founded.[WTC11836] [TSR1085a] 
1242 DR  (Year of the Yellow Rose)
  Anaglathos, a venerable blue dragon, arrives in Turmish and assumes control.[WTC11836] [TSR9520 p.12, 13] [TSR1085a] 
1245 DR  (Year of Pain)
 (213 NR )  Loviatar worship gains great popularity. Most of the modern temples in the North are founded.[WTC11836] [TSR1085a] 
1246 DR  (Year of Burning Steel)
  First recorded use of bombards by Lantan.[TSR1085a] 
1247 DR  (Year of the Purple Basilisk)
  The paladin Corwin Freas, leading a band of adventurers, defeats Anaglathos. Corwin Freas is declared the new Lord of Turmish.[WTC11836] [TSR1085a] [TSR9520 p.13] 
1248 DR  (Year of the Cockatrice)
 (216 NR )  Guilds are formed in Waterdeep. The Lords of Waterdeep recognize the merchant gentry, marking the formal beginnings of the Waterdhavian nobility.[881620000 p.59] [TSR1085a] 
1248 DR  (Year of the Cockatrice)
  Verovan, last king of Westgate, dies.[TSR1085a] 
1252 DR  (Year of the Empty Goblet)
  Vine-blight destroys grape crop--no wine![TSR1085a] 
1253 DR  (Year of Beckoning Death)
  Plague year in Cormyr, Sembia, and the Vast.[TSR1085a] 
1254 DR  (Year of Silent Steel)
  Rising power of thieves' guilds results in many assassinations.[TSR1085a] 
1257 DR  (Year of the Killing Wave)
  Tidal wave strikes Calimshan.[TSR1085a] 
1260 DR  (Year of the Broken Blade)
  Many peace treaties signed this year.[WTC11836] [TSR1085a] 
1261 DR  (Year of Bright Dreams)
  Manshoon claims his seat on the Zhent council. He then founds the secret organization of the Zhentarim.[WTC11836] [TSR1120] 
1261 DR  (Year of Bright Dreams)
  Halacar of Aglarond dies of poisoning; his sister Ilione, an accomplished sorcerer, becomes queen.[176650000] [TSR1121] 
Errata:  The Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting [WTC11836] incorrectly dates this event at 1260 DR.
1262 DR  (Year of the Black Wind)
  Killing storm raised by a Calishite mage.[TSR1085a] 
1262 DR  (Year of the Black Wind)
 (230 NR )  Second Guild War:  Six years of self-interested squabbling among Waterdeep's Guildmasters erupt into bloodshed. All but two of the city's Guildmasters die in the next few months. The two surviving Guildmasters agree to rule together as Lords Magister, although their continued bickering prevent any effective governance of the city.[881620000 p.10] [TSR1085a] 
1263 DR  (Year of the Tressym)
  As foretold by Alaundo, these creatures became widespread.[TSR1085a] 
1264 DR  (Year of the Shattered Altar)
  Widespread tomb-robbing and sacrilege.[TSR1085a] 
1267 DR  (Year of the Groaning Cart)
  A bountiful harvest year.[TSR1085a] 
1273 DR  (Year of the Wagon)
 (241 NR )  Lord Baeron establishes the black-robed Magisters to maintain justice throughout Waterdeep. The Shadow Thieves are outlawed from the city.[881620000 p.11] [TSR1085a] 
1273 DR  (Year of the Wagon)
  Joadath noted as being lord of Shadowdale.[TSR1085a] 
1276 DR  (Year of the Crumbling Keep)
  The joint forces from many cities of the Moonsea rebuild the defenses of the Citadel of the Raven.[TSR1085a] [TSR9474 p.12] 
1280 DR  (Year of the Manticore)
  The zulkirs of Thay launch an invasion of Mulhorand that ravages Murghm and the northern districts of that land. Sultim is nearly overrun.[177380000] [176650000] [WTC11836] [TSR1085a] [TSR9274] 
1288 DR  (Year of the Roaring Horn)
  Human kingdom of Thar established.[TSR1085a] 
1290 DR  (Year of the Whelm)
 (258 NR )  Dragonspear Castle falls.[TSR1085a] 
1297 DR  (Year of the Singing Skull)
  Massacre on Watcher's Knoll of Tyrists by Joadath.[TSR1085a] 
1297 DR  (Year of the Singing Skull)
 (265 NR )  Son of Malice and Zaknafein Do'Urden, Drizzt of house Daermon Na'Shezbaeron is born in Menzoberranzan. Using the power of the birth of Drizzt, his mother Malice was able to create a spell capable of defeating House Devir. With this defeat House Do'Urden became Ninth House of Menzoberranzan.[TSR1085a] 
Novel: Homeland 
1298 DR  (Year of the Pointed Bone)
 (266 NR )  Lhestyn, the "Masked Lady", infiltrates the outlawed Shadow Thieves and exposes their continuing activities. This act precipitated a bloody tenday of fighting between the guild and the City Watch that culminated in the death or flight of the guild's members.[881620000 p.11] [WTC11836] [TSR1085a] 
1300 DR  (Year of the Starfall)
  Joadath of Shadowdale dies.[TSR1085a] 
1300 DR  (Year of the Starfall)
  Aumry and Sylun become lord and lady of Shadowdale.[TSR1085a] 
1303 DR  (Year of the Evening Sun)
  Fall of the human kingdom of Thar.[TSR1085a] 
1306 DR  (Year of Thunder)
 Moonsea War:  Hulburg and Sulasspryn are defeated by Mulmaster. Mulmaster is later vanquished by an alliance between Sembia, Phlan, Hillsfar, Melvaunt, and Zhentil Keep.[WTC11836] [TSR1120] [TSR1085a] [TSR9474 p.42, 45, 54] 
1306 DR  (Year of Thunder)
 (1281 CR )  Vangerdahast of Cormyr founds War Wizards.[WTC11836] [TSR1085a] 
1306 DR  (Year of Thunder)
 The Thunder Blessing:  The great dwarven god Moradin bestows a new blessing upon his people. Miraculously the birthrate of the dwarven race begins to soar. The new dwarven generation is commonly refered to as the thunder children. Nearly a fifth of dwarven births after the Thunder Blessing result in identicle or fraternal twins.[WTC11836 p.10] 
1307 DR  (Year of the Mace)
 (1282 CR )  Azoun IV of Cormyr born.[WTC11836] [TSR1085a] [TSR1031a p.18] 
1308 DR  (Year of the Catacombs)
  Dungeon exploring comes into vogue.[TSR1085a] 
1308 DR  (Year of the Catacombs)
 (276 NR )  Lord Baeron dies of fever, and Shilarn, his wife, immolates herself on his funeral pyre. Their daughter, Lhestyn, a Hidden Lord herself, becomes Open Lord of Waterdeep. Construction begins on the Palace of Waterdeep.[881620000 p.11] [TSR1085a] 
1312 DR  (Year of the Griffon)
  Darkhold seized by the Black Network as Manshoon slays its lich-queen.[WTC11836] [TSR1085a] 
1312 DR  (Year of the Griffon)
 (280 NR )  Durnan, a hidden Lord of Waterdeep, founds the Red Sashes as his personal agents.[881620000 p.11] [TSR1085a] 
1312 DR  (Year of the Griffon)
  Teziir founded on the Dragonmere.[WTC11836] [TSR1085a] 
1314 DR  (Year of the Shadowtop)
  The shadowtop tree flourishes this year.[TSR1085a] 
1314 DR  (Year of the Shadowtop)
 (282 NR )  Lhestyn passes away. Piergeiron Paladinson becomes Open Lord of Waterdeep.[881620000 p.11] [TSR1085a] 
1314 DR  (Year of the Shadowtop)
 (1289 CR )  Rhigaerd II, King of Cormyr, defeats the border raiders.[TSR1085a] 
1316 DR  (Year of the Gulagoar)
  Teshendale becomes part of the Zhent lands.[WTC11836] 
1317 DR  (Year of the Wandering Wyrm)
  Great Plague of the Inner Sea, also called the Dragon Plague.[WTC11836] [TSR1085a] 
1319 DR  (Year of the Fallen Throne)
  The kingship of Sossal ends in bloodshed.[TSR1085a] 
1320 DR  (Year of the Watching Cold)
  Ilione, the last member of Aglarond's royal line, dies of plague. She leaves no child but names her apprentice, the Simbul, as her heir.[176650000] [WTC11836] [TSR1121] [TSR1085a] [TSR9235] 
1321 DR  (Year of Chains)
  The Harpers are reorganized. Twilight Hall founded in Berdusk.[WTC11836] [TSR1085a] 
1321 DR  (Year of Chains)
  King Zaor of Evermeet is murdered.
Novel: Evermeet: Island of Elves 
1322 DR  (Year of Lurking Death)
  Monstrous attacks at a 50-year high.[TSR1085a] 
1323 DR  (Year of Dreamwebs)
  The zulkir of enchantment leads an attempt to control the minds of influential people through their dreams. The efforts of the Red Wizards are eventually thwarted.[176650000] [WTC11836] 
1324 DR  (Year of the Grimoire)
  Many old magical tomes were discovered this year, sparking a renewed interest in magic.[TSR1085a] 
1325 DR  (Year of the Great Harvests)
  Beer and wine of this year are legendary.[TSR1085a] 
1328 DR  (Year of the Adder)
 (296 NR )  Drizzt Do'Urden flees from his homeland of Menzoberranzan. Drizzt survives the next ten years of self imposed exile in the Underdark by embracing a more savage side of his psyche he calls 'The Hunter'.
Novel: Exile 
1333 DR  (Year of the Striking Falcon)
  Amnian Trade War. Founding of the Council of Six, unification of Amn.[WTC11836] [TSR1085a] 
1335 DR  (Year of the Snow Winds)
 (1310 CR )  Rhigaerd II dies in the waning days of this year.[TSR1085a] 
1335 DR  (Year of the Snow Winds)
 (303 NR )  The Evereska Charter claims the Greycloak Hills for the elves.[TSR1085a] 
1336 DR  (Year of the Highmantle)
 (1311 CR )  Azoun IV takes the throne of Cormyr.[WTC11836] [TSR1085a] [TSR1031a p.18] 
1336 DR  (Year of the Highmantle)
  The Zhentarim conquer Daggerdale.[WTC11836] 
1337 DR  (Year of the Wandering Maiden)
  Charles Oliver O'Kane becomes mayor of Ravens Bluff.[TSR1085a] 
1338 DR  (Year of the Wanderer)
  Wandering Wyvern built in Sevenecho.[TSR1085a] 
1338 DR  (Year of the Wanderer)
  King Rilimbrar, Queen Ilbritha, Prince Verimlaun, and Crown Prince Imphras IV die in a mysterious fire at Filur. The infant Prince Soarimbrar the Younger, a descendant of Velimbrar, is crowned king but Imphras's wife Sambryl takes throne as Queen-Regent, moving the royal court to Lyrabar.[DRAGON346 p.71] [882927200 p.90] [TSR1085a] 
1338 DR  (Year of the Wanderer)
 (306 NR )  Drizzt Do`Urden arrives in Blingdenstone where he befriends the svirfneblin Belwar Dissengulp. Drizzt and Belwar later team up with Clacker, a pech turned hook-horror by an evil wizard.[TSR11509] 
Novel: Exile 
1339 DR  (Year of the Weeping Moon)
  Aumry slain; Jyordhan becomes lord of Shadowdale.[TSR1085a] 
1340 DR  (Year of the Lion)
 (308 NR )  Drizzt Do'Urden begins his life on the surface.
Novel: Sojourn 
1340 DR  (Year of the Lion)
  Tyranthraxus, The Possessing Spirit, claims the Pool of Radiance. From the corrupted body of a bronze dragon, Tyranthraxus assumes control of the Ruins of Phlan, and rules from beneath Valjevo Castle until he is defeated by adventurers.[TSR9552 p.103] [TSR9238] 
Novel: Pool of Radiance 
Software: Pool of Radiance 
Errata:  [TSR9474 p.32] incorrectly dates this event at 1347 DR
1340 DR  (Year of the Lion)
  Battle of the River Rising in Featherdale between the forces of Sembia and the Cult of the Dragon.[WTC11836] [TSR1085a] 
1341 DR  (Year of the Gate)
 (309 NR )  Montolio Debrouchee, Mooshie to his friends, invites Drizzt Do'Urden into his grove. There he teaches the drow the common tongue and ways of a ranger in service to the goddess Mielikki. Mooshie dies peacefully in his sleep as the first snows of winter descend over the grove.
Novel: Sojourn 
1344 DR  (Year of Moonfall)
  Retreat of the elves from Cormanthor begins.[WTC11836] [TSR1085a] 
1345 DR  (Year of the Saddle)
  Plagues claim many among the Sword Coast port cities south of Baldur's Gate.[WTC11836] 
1345 DR  (Year of the Saddle)
  The Lord of Murder, Bhaal, corrupts one of the Earthmother's Moonwells of the Moonshae Isles. From this Darkwell, Kazgaroth the Beast attempted to destroy the Earthmother and ruin the Moonshaes.
Novel: Darkwalker on Moonshae 
1345 DR  (Year of the Saddle)
  Jyordhan slain by Khelben Arunsun of Waterdeep. Time of No Lords (until 1348 DR) in Shadowdale.[TSR1085a] 
1346 DR  (Year of the Bloodbird)
  Bhaal's avatar, the "Ravager", is banished from Moonshae Islands. Tristan Kendrick becomes high king of Moonshaes.[TSR1085a] 
Novel: Black Wizards 
Novel: Darkwell 
1346 DR  (Year of the Bloodbird)
  The Friendly Arm inn built.[TSR1085a] 
1346 DR  (Year of the Bloodbird)
  Naval Battle of Lisen Sands.[TSR1085a] 
1346 DR  (Year of the Bloodbird)
  Selfaril becomes High Blade of Mulmaster.[TSR1085a] 
1347 DR  (Year of the Bright Blade)
  Zhengyi the Witch-King rises to power.[WTC11836] [TSR1085a] 
1347 DR  (Year of the Bright Blade)
 (315 NR )  Drizzt Do'Urden arrives in Icewind Dale for the first time.
Novel: Sojourn 
1347 DR  (Year of the Bright Blade)
 The Ten Black Days of Eleint:  King Alemander IV and the rest of the Tethyrian royal family die during the conflagration that destroys Castle Tethyr. Crown Prince Alemander-the late Prince Rythan's younger brother and second son of King Alemander IV-and General Sharboneth die in the fires of their own making. From the 13th to the 22nd day of Eleint, hysteria grips Tethyr, causing the destruction of Tethyr's nobles, many castles and temples, and hundreds of innocent people with any ties to the royalty are also murdered.[WTC11836] [TSR9589] [TSR1085a] 
1348 DR  (Year of the Spur)
  Khelben gives Pendent of Ashaba to Knights of Myth Drannor. Doust Sulwood chosen to be lord of Shadowdale.[TSR1085a] 
1350 DR  (Year of the Morningstar)
  The evil god Bane, in an attempt to increase his own power, tries to draw a group of Moonsea cities into the nether regions. The Heroes of Phlan, whom vanquished Tyranthraxus a decade earlier, foil the plot and the cities are returned. The Warhammer of Tyr is stolen by Bane.[TSR9474 p.32] 
Novel: Pools of Darkness 
1350 DR  (Year of the Morningstar)
  Elminster retires to Shadowdale.[WTC11836] 
1351 DR  (Year of the Crown)
  Warlock's Crypt discovered.[WTC11836] [TSR1085a] 
1351 DR  (Year of the Crown)
  Plague in Baldur's Gate.[WTC11836] [TSR1085a] 
1352 DR  (Year of the Dragon)
 (1327 CR )  Gondegal raises an army of mercenaries and launches many raids within the kingdom. Gondegal is crowned "king" for eight days before The Purple Dragons, and the combined forces of neighboring kingdoms, scatter his forces. Gondegal flees Corymr.[TSR9531 p.96] [TSR1031b p.23] 
1352 DR  (Year of the Dragon)
  Barbarians of The Ride destroy a large Zhentarim caravan en route to Glister.[WTC11836] [TSR1120] [TSR1085a] 
1353 DR  (Year of the Arch)
  Randal Morn kills Malyk of Daggerdale.[TSR1085a] 
1353 DR  (Year of the Arch)
  Doust Sulwood retires to Arabel. Mourngrym Amcathra becomes lord of Shadowdale.[TSR1085a] 
1353 DR  (Year of the Arch)
  Night Masks become secret rulers of Westgate.[WTC11836] 
1354 DR  (Year of the Bow)
  Prosperous harvest in the Realms.[TSR1085a] 
1354 DR  (Year of the Bow)
  Mulmaster's fleet is destroyed in a large navel battle with ships of Zhentil Keep.[TSR9474 p.54] [TSR1120] [TSR1085a] 
1354 DR  (Year of the Bow)
  Maalthiir becomes ruler of Hillsfar.[TSR1085a] 
1354 DR  (Year of the Bow)
  House of the Lady (Temple of Tymora) established in Shadowdale.[TSR1085a] 
1355 DR  (Year of the Harp)
  Zhentil Keep attacks its Moonsea allies and takes Citadel of the Raven as its own.[WTC11836] [TSR1120] [TSR1085a] [TSR9474 p.13] 
1355 DR  (Year of the Harp)
  Civil war breaks out in Ylash. Zhentil Keep and Hillsfar move troops to Ylash.[WTC11836] [TSR1120] [TSR1085a] [TSR9474 p.18] 
1355 DR  (Year of the Harp)
  Retreat of the elves from Cormanthor reaches its peak.[WTC11836] [TSR1085a] 
1355 DR  (Year of the Harp)
  Shaerl Rowanmantle sent by Vangerdahast to Shadowdale. Shaerl and Mourngrym wed.[TSR1085a] 
1356 DR  (Year of the Worm)
 (324 NR )  Drizzt Do'Urden and Wulfgar kill the white dragon Icingdeath.
Novel: The Crystal Shard 
1356 DR  (Year of the Worm)
 (324 NR )  Bruenor Battlehammer slays the shadow dragon Shimmergloom, drives out its servant duergar, and proclaims himself the Eighth King of Mithral Hall.[885670000 p.6] [WTC11836] [TSR9393 p.208] 
Novel: Streams of Silver 
1356 DR  (Year of the Worm)
 (324 NR )  Artemis Entreri kidnaps Regis and flees to Calimport. Drizzt and the Companions of the Hall journey to Calimport, rescue Regis, and destroy Pasha Pook's guild. The Companions return to Mithral Hall, while Regis remains in Calimport to run the former Pasha's operation.[WTC11836] 
Novel: The Halfling's Gem 
1356 DR  (Year of the Worm)
  Cormyr seizes Tilverton.[WTC11836] [TSR1085a] 
1356 DR  (Year of the Worm)
  Selfaril of Mulmaster and the tharchioness of Thay, known as the First Princess of Thay, exhange gifts.[TSR1085a] 
1356 DR  (Year of the Worm)
  Flight of dragons over the Dalelands and the Moonsea.[WTC11836] [TSR1085a] 
1356 DR  (Year of the Worm)
  Lashan of Scardale attempts to take over the Dalelands and fails.[WTC11836] [TSR1085a] 
1356 DR  (Year of the Worm)
  Lyran the Pretender attacks Shadowdale.[TSR1085a] 
1356 DR  (Year of the Worm)
  Death of Sylun of Shadowdale.[WTC11836] [TSR1085a] 
1357 DR  (Year of the Prince)
 (325 NR )  Artemis Entreri, disguised as Regis, arrives at Mithral Hall. Artemis and Drizzt fight. Artemis is defeated and is left to die.
Novel: The Legacy 
1357 DR  (Year of the Prince)
 (325 NR )  Artemis is rescued by Jarlaxle of the Bregan D'aerthe band of drow mercenaries and taken to Menzoberranazan. Drizzt and Cattie Brie enter Menzoberranzan. Artemis joins the two when escaping the drow city.
Novel: Starless Night 
1357 DR  (Year of the Prince)
  King Virdin of Damara killed in battle with Zhengyi the Witch-King.[WTC11836] [TSR1085a] 
1357 DR  (Year of the Prince)
  Aumark Lithyl unifies Ruathym.[TSR1085a] 
1357 DR  (Year of the Prince)
  Moander, god of corruption, is accidentally woken from a magical slumber deep beneath the ruins of Ylash. He causes much devastation before being banished.[WTC11836] 
Novel: Azure Bonds 
1357 DR  (Year of the Prince)
  Shandril Shessair, barmaid from Highmoon, awakens her latent power of spellfire. Her powers are soon made known to evil organizations intent of gaining control of spellfire for themselves. As she and her husband Narm are chased around the Realms, Shandril destroys four dracoliches and inflicts heavy casualties to the Zhentarim, the Cult of the Dragon and the Red Wizards of Thay. At one point she even manages to slay Lord Manshoon himself (temporarily) and destroy a great deal of the Citadel of the Raven.
Novel: Spellfire 
Novel: Crown of Fire 
Novel: Hand of Fire 
1357 DR  (Year of the Prince)
Sourcebook: 1st-Edition Forgotten Realms Campaign Set 
1357 DR  (Year of the Prince)
  The Pharaoh of Mulhorand is assassinated by the cult of Step. Horustep III takes the throne of Mulhorand at age 11.[177380000] [WTC11836] [TSR1085a] [TSR9274] 
1358 DR  (Year of Shadows)
 (1333 CR )  Giogi Wyvernspur and Flattery Wyvernspur battle for control of the legendary family heirloom.[TSR9552 p.25] 
Novel: The Wyvern's Spur 
1358 DR  (Year of Shadows)
 The Time of Troubles:  Gods walk Toril. Dead magic and wild magic areas appear. Destruction of Bane, Bhaal, Gilgeam, Ibrandul, Myrkul, and other deities. Ascendancy of Cyric and Midnight (Mystra).[WTC11836] 
Novel: Shadowdale 
Novel: Tantras 
Novel: Waterdeep 
1358 DR  (Year of Shadows)
  A large force of malaugrym enter the Realms hoping to take advantage of the Time of Troubles and eliminate Elminster and infiltrate Realmsian society in preparations for their killing and replacing many important personages in Faern. Most malaugrym were defeated but several escaped.
Novel: Shadows of Doom 
Novel: Cloak of Shadows 
Novel: All Shadows Fled 
1358 DR  (Year of Shadows)
  Moander returns to the Forgotten Vale and takes control of the settlement of Saurials, but is driven back into the Planes by Alias and friends. Finder Wyvernspur, The Nameless Bard, destroys Moander and becomes a demi-power.
Novel: Song of the Saurials 
1358 DR  (Year of Shadows)
 (326 NR )  Battle of Keeper's Dale:  House Baenre leads an army of drow, goblins, and kobolds out of Menzoberranzan to attack the dwarves of Mithral Hall. The dwarves are aided by svirfneblin, local barbarians, troops from Nesme and Silverymoon; even the mysterious Harpells and Lady Alustriel herself. The drow are ultimately defeated and driven back to their homeland.[TSR11509] 
Novel: Siege of Darkness 
1358 DR  (Year of Shadows)
  Mourngrym and Shaerl of Shadowdale have a son, Scotti.[TSR1085a] 
1359 DR  (Year of the Serpent)
 The Horde:  Yamun Khahan, unites the tribes of the Horse Barbarians and becomes Emperor of the Tuigan. Not content to be emperor of the steppe, Yamun's vast armies breech the Dragonwall and invade Shou-Lung. After months of fierce fighting, a truce is declared and Yamun turns his attention to the west.[TSR1055] [WTC11836] [176650000] 
Novel: Horselords 
1359 DR  (Year of the Serpent)
 The Horde:  The Tuigan Horde invades Thay. Although a small scouting force of Tuigans was defeated by Thayan magic, General Batu Min Ho proved a far worthier foe. Thousands of gnolls and the vaunted Griffon Legion are defeated at the mouth of Shar's Pass. Zulkir Szass Tam arranges a truce with the Tuigans and builds a great portal to transport them north to Rashemen.[176650000] [WTC11836] [TSR1121 p.6] 
Novel: Dragonwall 
1359 DR  (Year of the Serpent)
 The Horde:  Soon after arriving in Rashemen via a Thayan portal, the Tuigans besiege and destroy Citadel Rashemar, with the main force moving across the High Country to attack forces rallied by the Witches at the Lake of Tears. Pinned by the Thayan army south of Lake Mulsantir, the largest force of Rashemi berserkers is unable to support the Witches, who can only delay the immense horde.[176650000] 
Novel: Dragonwall 
1359 DR  (Year of the Serpent)
  Zhengyi the Witch-King is destroyed.[WTC11836] [TSR1085a] 
1359 DR  (Year of the Serpent)
  Damara united by Gareth Dragonsbane, who is soon crowned as its king.[WTC11836] [TSR1085a] 
1359 DR  (Year of the Serpent)
  Myrmeen Lhal, Lady of Arabel, confronts and exposes The Night Parade in Calimport.
Novel: The Night Parade 
1360 DR  (Year of the Turret)
 The Horde:  Winter snows hold the Thayan army in place, allowing the berserkers to move north again and attack the unsuspecting Tuigans in their camps. The Battle of the Lake of Tears forces the Horde to fall back. The Red Wizards part the waters of Ashane to allow the Tuigans to retreat. The Rashemi do not pursue.[176650000] 
Novel: Dragonwall 
Novel: Windwalker 
1360 DR  (Year of the Turret)
 The Horde:  Having been defeated in Rashemen the previous winter, Yhamun Khahan turns his attention west, along the Golden Way. People of many nations rally to the cry of the Council of Thesk. Their combined forces defeat the Tuigans at Phsant. King Azoun IV defeats Yamun Khahan in individual combat.[176650000] 
Novel: Crusade 
1360 DR  (Year of the Turret)
  At the behest of Talona, Castle Trinity begins its campaign of conquest.
Novel: The Cleric Quintet 
1360 DR  (Year of the Turret)
  Through the efforts of a Harper hero named Lander and the witch Ruha, the Harpers manage to put a good dent into the Zhentarim caravan operations in the Anauroch desert.
Novel: The Parched Sea 
1361 DR  (Year of Maidens)
 (329 NR )  The Harper Assassin plagues the North. Danilo Thann and Arilyn Moonblade discover that the assassin is really the gold elf Kymil Nimesin. Danilo becomes a Harper.
Novel: Elfshadow 
1361 DR  (Year of Maidens)
 The First Banedeath:  The First Banedeath begins as a holy war in Zhentil Keep. The Banedeath was an inquisition launched by Cyric through his agent Xeno Mirrormane. Xeno led the followers of Cyric through the dark, twisted streets of Zhentil Keep in an attempt to cleanse the city of all Banite worship. The Banites were given two choices: worship Cyric or explain to him in person why he was not worthy of worship.[WTC11836] [TSR1120 p. 21] [TSR1085a] [TSR9474 p.12] 
1361 DR  (Year of Maidens)
 Discovery of the New World:  Cordell and the Golden Legion discover The New World, Maztica. The native city of Ulatos is taken over by Amnian forces, and Helmsport is founded.[WTC11836] [TSR1159b p.60] 
Novel: Ironhelm 
Novel: Viperhand 
1362 DR  (Year of the Helm)
  The Edificant Library is destroyed. Construction of its replacement, the cathedral Sprit Soaring begins.
Novel: The Cleric Quintet 
1362 DR  (Year of the Helm)
  Maligor, Zulkir of Alteration, of the Red Wizards of Thay attempts to wrest control of the nation from the Council of Zulkirs. His plan might have worked was it not for the intervention of Harper agents and the lich, Szass Tam, Zulkir of Necromancy.
Novel: Red Magic 
1362 DR  (Year of the Helm)
  Helmsport is declared capital of New Amn. The clergy of Helm in the South declare that the year marks the beginning of blessed works for the faithful.[WTC11836] [TSR1159b p.60] 
Novel: Feathered Dragon 
1363 DR  (Year of the Wyvern)
  The Battle of Daggerford.[TSR1085a] 
1363 DR  (Year of the Wyvern)
  Lord Cutter arrives in Iriaebor with Zhentish forces and begins her rule.
Novel: Crypt of the Shadowking 
Errata:  The Candlekeep Monks incorrectly date this event as occuring in 1357 DR
1363 DR  (Year of the Wyvern)
 (331 NR )  The Way Inn destroyed by hordes from Dragonspear Castle.[TSR1085a] 
1363 DR  (Year of the Wyvern)
  The ancient city of Mezro reappears. The Ring of Winter is discovered within by Harper agent Artus Cimber.[WTC11836] [TSR1085a] [TSR9389 p.11] 
Novel: The Ring of Winter 
1364 DR  (Year of the Wave)
 (332 NR )  Long feared dead, the barbarian Wulfgar is released from his imprisonment by the demon Errtu, and returned alive to the Realms. Drizzt and company banish Errtu back to the abyss once more.
Novel: Passage to Dawn 
1364 DR  (Year of the Wave)
 (332 NR )  Drizzt and companions start out toward The Spirit Soaring in hopes that the priest Cadderly can destroy Crenshinibon the Crystal Shard, once and for all.
Novel: The Silent Blade 
1364 DR  (Year of the Wave)
 (332 NR )  The Way Inn is rebuilt.[TSR1085a] 
1364 DR  (Year of the Wave)
  Caledan Caldorien is corrupted by evil and becomes a Shadowking; immediately releasing three shadevari on the Realms. Fortunately the shadevari were destroyed and Caledan emerged from the king's corpse, just barely alive.
Novel: Curse of the Shadowmage 
Errata:  The Candlekeep Monks incorrectly date this event as occuring in 1360 DR
1364 DR  (Year of the Wave)
 (332 NR )  Events in Waterdeep involve Khelben Arunsun, the Harpers, a green dragon, the Knights of the Shield, and the ancient power of the elfsong.
Novel: Elfsong 
1365 DR  (Year of the Sword)
Novel: The Spine of the World 
1365 DR  (Year of the Sword)
  The god Talos acts to supplant the worship of the Earthmother of the Moonshaes with the gods of Faern. The legendary "Elf-Eater" is destroyed. Alicia Kendrick becomes high queen of the Moonshaes.
Novel: Prophet of Moonshae 
Novel: The Coral Kingdom 
Novel: The Druid Queen 
1366 DR  (Year of the Staff)
  First Princess of Thay marries Selfaril of Mulmaster.[TSR1085a] 
1367 DR  (Year of the Shield)
  Tethyr's Reclamation Wars begin.[WTC11836] 
1367 DR  (Year of the Shield)
  Aeron Morieth becomes the Stormwalker of Maerchwood.[WTC11836] 
Novel: The Shadow Stone 
1367 DR  (Year of the Shield)
  Pryce Covington discovers his old friend murdered, then is mistaken for the great mage Darlington Blade. Pryce soon finds he is both investigator and murder suspect.[WTC11836] 
Novel: Murder in Halruaa 
1367 DR  (Year of the Shield)
Sourcebook: 2nd-Edition Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting 
1367 DR  (Year of the Shield)
  Alias and Dragonbait defeat Victor Dhostar (The Faceless) and the Night Masks of Westgate.[WTC11836] 
Novel: Masquerades 
1368 DR  (Year of the Banner)
 The Second Banedeath:  The Church of Cyric launches inquisitions in Ylash, Darkhold, Teshwave, Zhentil Keep, and the Citadel of the Raven to cleanse the Zhent holdings of non-Cyricist priests.[WTC11836] [TSR11627 p. 9] [TSR1120 p. 23] 
Novel: Prince of Lies 
1368 DR  (Year of the Banner)
 Fall of Zhentil Keep:  In the last three days of the year, Fzoul Chembryl reads aloud from the True Life of Cyric, revealing the dark god's betrayal of his faithful at Zhentil Keep. Xeno Mirrormane, High Priest of Cyric, is struck by powerful divine fire from Mask. The flames devour Xeno, then proceeded to do likewise to the temple of Cyric. Fzoul subsequently flees the falling city to Teshwave as Cyric-summoned giants, dragons, and other monsters sack much of Zhentil Keep.[WTC11836] [TSR11627 p. 9] [TSR1120 p. 25] 
Novel: Prince of Lies 
1368 DR  (Year of the Banner)
 (336 NR )  Hellgate Keep is destroyed.[WTC11836] 
1368 DR  (Year of the Banner)
  Atreus, a disfigured merchant, and his Ogre companion Yago, travel through the Utter East and into the Yehimal Mountains in search of the fabled land of Langdarma and a cure.[WTC11836] 
Novel: Faces of Deception 
1368 DR  (Year of the Banner)
  Baylee Arnvold discovers the Lost Library of Cormanthyr[WTC11836] 
Novel: The Lost Library of Cormanthyr 
1368 DR  (Year of the Banner)
  Walinda, priestess of Bane, attempts to restore the dead god Bane to life by retrieving the Hand of Bane, a lost artifact of evil. Ultimately, her plans are thwarted by Joel, the Rebel Bard, and the Hand of Bane is destroyed.[WTC11836] 
Novel: Finder's Bane 
1368 DR  (Year of the Banner)
  Iyactu Xvim, godson of Bane, attempts to deceive Lathander into rejoining Tymora and Beshaba back into Tyche. The kender Emilio Haversack is gated to Sigil. He joins Joel, the Rebel Bard, and his companions to thwart Xvim's plans.[WTC11836] 
Novel: Tymora's Luck 
1368 DR  (Year of the Banner)
  Sarevok, spawn of Bhaal, plots with the Iron Throne to start a war between Amn and Baldur's Gate. Scar of the Flaming Fists and Grand Duke Eltan of Baldur's Gate are slain. Another spawn of Bhaal, Abdel Adrian, confronts Sarevok--slaying him.[177380000 p.42] [WTC11836] 
Novel: Baldur's Gate 
Software: Baldur's Gate 
Errata:  Baldur's Gate, the computer game from Interplay, Game Manual p.68 incorrectly lists the game year as 1373 DR
1368 DR  (Year of the Banner)
 (336 NR )  A fad for dream spheres sweeps the City of Splendors, appealing to the increasing ranks of those who dream of a better life but despair of ever achieving it. Waterdeep's nobility war with each other behind the shadows. Danilo Thann joins forces with Arilyn Moonblade to uncover the source of the conflict. Lord Thesp's son and heir, Oth Eltorchul, is left a babbling husk after dabling in the creation of the dream spheres.[881620000 p.26] [881620000 p.12] [WTC11836] 
Novel: The Dream Spheres 
1369 DR  (Year of the Gauntlet)
  Iyactu Xvim, the demipower and son of Bane, frees himself from his prison under the ruins of Zhentil Keep, his acolytes raising his status to a lesser god.[WTC11836] [TSR11627 p. 9] 
1369 DR  (Year of the Gauntlet)
  Fzoul Chembryl is temporarily possessed by Xvim, who sets Fzoul on the path to rule Xvim's church. Fzoul allies with the High Blade of Mulmaster in exchange for the whereabouts of the two Imperceptors of Bane in his city. Khelben and Fzoul meet in secret in Voonlar, where Khelben provides Fzoul with information about Lord Orgauth, and Fzoul vows to limit the Xvimlar's eastward expansion for 10,000 days.[WTC11836] [TSR11627 p. 9] 
1369 DR  (Year of the Gauntlet)
Novel: Sea of Swords 
1369 DR  (Year of the Gauntlet)
  The Seven Sisters join together to fight drow, red wizards, treacherous merchants, and Halaster Blackcloak himself.[WTC11836] 
Novel: Silverfall: Stories of the Seven Sisters 
1369 DR  (Year of the Gauntlet)
 Deepwater War:  Led by Iakhovas, denizens from under of the sea plague the Sword Coast, resulting in attacks on Waterdeep, Baldur's Gate, Calimport, and other random ports on the Outer Sea.[881620000 p.12] [WTC11836] 
Novel: Rising Tide 
1369 DR  (Year of the Gauntlet)
  Randal Morn reclaims the throne of Daggerdale.[WTC11836] 
1369 DR  (Year of the Gauntlet)
  The cambion (half tanar'ri/half human) Vheod Runechild, escapes from the Abyss to Toril. Soon after he embarks on a quest to rid the dalelands of a powerful demon lord, the tanar'ri balor Chare'en.[WTC11836] 
Novel: The Glass Prison 
1369 DR  (Year of the Gauntlet)
  The Reclamation Wars of Tethyr end with the coronation of Tethyr's Queen-Monarch Zaranda and King Haedrak III.[WTC11836] [TSR9589] 
1369 DR  (Year of the Gauntlet)
  Trade between Faern and Maztica is hampered by attacks from sea creatures.[WTC11836] 
1370 DR  (Year of the Tankard)
  Manshoon is slain by Fzoul and the Zhentarim purged of Manshoon's supporters, giving Fzoul control over most of the organization.[WTC11836] 
1370 DR  (Year of the Tankard)
 The Manshoon Wars:  Several clones of Manshoon awake at once and create havoc as each tries to claim the Zhent wizard's possessions and place.[WTC11836] 
1370 DR  (Year of the Tankard)
  Fzoul Chembryl forges the Scepter of the Tyrant's Eye.[WTC11836] 
1370 DR  (Year of the Tankard)
  Trade between the sea folk of the Sea of Fallen Stars and ports along the Inner Sea increases sharply in the aftermath of a great undersea war.[WTC11836] 
1370 DR  (Year of the Tankard)
  The Shaking Plague decimates Scardale.[WTC11836] 
1370 DR  (Year of the Tankard)
  War in southern Amn as ogre mages and their minions ally with the temple of Cyric.[WTC11836] 
1370 DR  (Year of the Tankard)
Novel: The Magehound 
1370 DR  (Year of the Tankard)
 (338 NR )  The orc hordes of King Obould Many-Arrows swarm out of the underdark and lay siege to Mithral Hall.
Novel: The Thousand Orcs 
Novel: The Lone Drow 
1371 DR  (Year of the Unstrung Harp)
 (339 NR )  Orc chieftain Obould and his horde claim the mountainous region north of the Evermoors and west of the Moonwood as the Kingdom of Dark Arrows.
Novel: The Two Swords 
1371 DR  (Year of the Unstrung Harp)
 (339 NR )  League of the Silver Marches:  To counter the rise of Oboulds Kingdom of Dark Arrows and thwart future evils of the North, High Lady Alustriel of Silverymoon gathers the leaders of the region to council. From Old Delzoun, the Moonlands, and the Rauvin Vale came elf, human, and dwarf lords to seek answers to their common troubles. Out of that oft-stormy meeting came the High Lady's Alliance, a confederation of city-states known as the League of the Silver Marches.[177380000] [885670000 p.7] [WTC11836, p.271] 
1371 DR  (Year of the Unstrung Harp)
 The Trial of Cyric the Mad:  Cyric is accused of innocence by reason of insanity, thereby failing in his divine duty to spread strife and discord. Cyric hears The True Life of Cyric and thus regains his sanity. A tribunal of greater deities find the Dark Sun guilty of his crimes, but allows him to keep his divine status.
Novel: Crucible, The Trial of Cyric the Mad 
Errata:  WTC88643 and 886430000 incorrectly dates this event at 1369 DR. The novel, "Crucible, The Trial of Cyric the Mad" page 359, clearly reveals that these events take place three years after "Prince of Lies." It is undisputed that "Prince of Lies" takes places in 1368 DR. You do the math.
1371 DR  (Year of the Unstrung Harp)
  The Harpers divide into factions because of the departure of Khelben the Blackstaff, and these conflicts are only grudgingly held at bay by greater issues.[WTC11836, p.271] 
1371 DR  (Year of the Unstrung Harp)
  Evermeet, Island of Elves, is nearly destroyed by a sneak attack of rebel elves and drow. The twin spires of the Towers of the Sun and Moon are destroyed. Elvish High Magic is lost. The Tree of Souls is planted, and a new elven homeland is born.[WTC11836, p.271] 
Novel: Evermeet, Island of Elves 
1371 DR  (Year of the Unstrung Harp)
Novel: The Floodgate 
1371 DR  (Year of the Unstrung Harp)
 (1346 CR )  Tilverton is formally absorbed into the nation of Cormyr.[WTC11836, p.113] 
1371 DR  (Year of the Unstrung Harp)
 (1346 CR )  Nalavatoryl the Devil Dragon leads an army of orcs and goblins and despoils much of Cormyr. The dragon and King Azoun IV slay each other in battle, leaving the infant heir Azoun V on Cormyr's throne.[WTC11836, p.271] [953667200, p.33] 
Novel: Death of the Dragon 
1371 DR  (Year of the Unstrung Harp)
  Mulhorand invades Unther, beginning the Third Mulhorand Empire.[177380000] [WTC11836] 
1372 DR  (Year of Wild Magic)
Sourcebook: 3rd-Edition Forgotten Realms Campaign Sourcebook 
1372 DR  (Year of Wild Magic)
  Kern Desanea, son of Tarn and Shal (Heroes of Phlan), recovers the Warhammer of Tyr. For assisting with Kern's quest, the legendary undead Paladin Miltiades is restored to life by Tyr.
Novel: Pool of Twilight 
1372 DR  (Year of Wild Magic)
  On Midwinter night, the god Bane returns to Faern, bursting forth from the skin of Iyachtu Xvim. With his divinity restored Bane quickly gains the portfolio of fear, restoring him to a Greater Power[WTC11836, p.265] 
1372 DR  (Year of Wild Magic)
  Akhlaur and Zalathorm, who owe their long lives to certain magic they created together in their youth, face off against one another. Zalathorm destroys the red gem around his neck that houses the last remaining portion of their life-extending magic, killing them both. Immediately afterward, the survivors of the battle, together with the Cabal--a group of elf spirits recently freed from another, larger gem--resurrect Zalathorm.[179290000] 
Novel: The Wizardwar 
1372 DR  (Year of Wild Magic)
 (340 NR )  Evereska, one of the last remaining elven strongholds in Faern, is besieged by hordes of phaerimm and their thralls.[WTC11836, p.113] 
Novel: The Summoning 
Novel: The Siege 
1372 DR  (Year of Wild Magic)
 (340 NR )  Khelben Arunsun leads an army from Waterdeep which becomes trapped within the Vale of Evereska. Laeral and Storm Silverhand lead a relief army against the thornbacks and their minions, battling armies of bugbears and lizardfolk thralls led by beholder and illithid generals. After months of war, the phaerimm are defeated.[881620000 p.13] 
Novel: The Siege 
Novel: The Sorcerer 
1372 DR  (Year of Wild Magic)
 (340 NR )  An uneasy alliance between Waterdeep and Shade falls apart, and it soon becomes clear that the Netherese shades are melting the High Ice of Anauroch, with no thought as to the consequences for the rest of Toril. Ultimately the plans of the Shadovar are disrupted by the theft of the Karsestone. Nevertheless, western Faern continues to be beset by drought.[881620000 p.13] 
Novel: The Sorcerer 
1372 DR  (Year of Wild Magic)
 (1347 CR )  Tilverton suffers an attack of unknown origin in Mirtul. All that remains of the city is a dark, concave space filled with shadows and flitting regions of deeper darkness.[WTC11836, p.113] 
Novel: The Siege 
1372 DR  (Year of Wild Magic)
  Thultanthar, the City of Shade, returns to the skies of Faern marking the return of the archwizards of Netheril.[177380000 p.100] 
Novel: The Summoning 
1373 DR  (Year of Rogue Dragons)
  Sammaster raises an army of orcs and giants in Vaasa by pretending to be the Witch-King reborn. The army takes the Bloodstone gates and floods into Damara. King Gareth Dragonsbane leads an army against the monstrous army but falls when wizards working for the Cult of the Dragon betray him. Gareths soul is trapped on the shadow plane.
Novel: The Rite 
1373 DR  (Year of Rogue Dragons)
Novel: Lord of Stormweather 
1373 DR  (Year of Rogue Dragons)
Novel: Crimson Gold 
1373 DR  (Year of Rogue Dragons)
 Rage of Dragons:  The lich Sammaster incites the wyrms of Faern into a mindless rampage.
Novel: Year of Rogue Dragons Trilogy 
Novel: Queen of the Depths 
1373 DR  (Year of Rogue Dragons)
 Rain of Fire:  One of the larger rocks comprising the Tears of Selne inexplicably moves much closer to Toril, causing a solar eclipse over much of Faern. This rogue tear remained motionless over Toril for nearly a day before plummeting again. As it entered the atmosphere, Selnes tear separated into five large chunks, each cutting a flaming path through the sky. Those chunks then broke apart into thousands of smaller pieces. This event, witnessed by tens of thousands, was seen as an ill omen by many.
Novel: Twilight Falling 
Novel: Dawn of Night 
Novel: Midnight's Mask 
1373 DR  (Year of Rogue Dragons)
  Queen Sambryl grants an audience with the avariel maestro Taegan who informs the Regent-Queen and her ministers of a Cult of the Dragon cell in the city of Lyrabar and of a lair within the Grey Forest. Sambryl dispatches an army into the Grey Forest, which is routed when an allied Bronze Dragon betrays them and incites The Rage in the other allied dragons.
Novel: The Rage 
1374 DR  (Year of the Lightning Storms)
 (342 NR )  Daemonfey attack Tower Reilloch in Evermeet and steal part of the Gatekeeper crystal. Upon combining the final piece of the artifact, Sarya Dlardrageth uses the Gatekeeper crystal to free the fey'ri imprisoned within the Nameless Dungeon. The daemonfey gather an army of orcs and ogres in the ruins of Myth Glaurach, which soon marches against the elven villages of the High Forest. A branch of the feyri army assaults Evereska but is repelled by reinforcements lead by Seiveril Miritar of Evermeet.[177380000] 
Novel: Forsaken House 
1374 DR  (Year of the Lightning Storms)
  House Dlardrageth invades Myth Drannor, destroying the Temple of Lathander. There, with the aid of the archdevil Malkizid, the demonfey raise an army of demons, devils, and yugoloths beneath the boughs of fabled Cormanthyr. Sarya Dlardrageth forms an alliance with Maalthiir of Hillsfar and Borstag Duncastle of Sembia against the elven army.[177380000] 
Novel: Farthest Reach 
1374 DR  (Year of the Lightning Storms)
  The demonfey are defeated, resulting in the reclamation of Myth Drannor and the Elven Court, and the coronation of Ilsevele Miritar as coronal of Cormanthyr.[953667200 p.28] 
Novel: Final Gate 

WTC11836 - The Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting - Design by Greenwood, Williams, Heinsoo, and Reynolds - 2001
TSR1085a - Running the Realms - Design by Ed Greenwood and Jeff Grubb - 1993